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The Brand

DiusaPet is a brand of food and care products for pets – dogs, cats and horses, which dates back to 1901. The company prides itself with having been the first brand to create natural and nutritious products in France for the pet health and care markets. Today DiusaPet offers a wide selection of high quality and healthy products for animals.


When a new owner took over the Neo Lupus brand – care and health products for animals – along with the website, belonging to the French distributor of the brand, our mission was to design a new website that would include all the features of both and The company’s potential online customers had to be able to easily find what they were looking for.

The Solution

It was clear the best solution was to begin by performing an audit, and then coming up with clear marketing strategy recommendations. It was therefore decided that organizing all the content (subpages, products, articles, etc.) was to be the primary task we were to carry out for the client.


Firstly we analyzed Internet traffic to check and understand how users searched for and found products similar to those offered by DiusaPet. We also wanted to understand why users needed these products.

Based on the results of this search, in which we supplemented the results of traffic analysis on existing websites, we defined a strategy for the new website – organization. Next, a successful reorganization of content (subpages, products, articles, etc.) was carefully carried out.


We successfully delivered a popular new website that includes all the features of both and Through the careful reorganization of content, Internet users who use methods of searching to which they are accustomed can now easily find and navigate the new DiusaPet website.

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