Pearson is a British publishing and education company, and one of the largest textbook publishers in the world. With customers in almost 200 countries and over 100 years of experience, Pearson specializes in books for learning English and German. 10 years ago, they were the first to decide to bet on digital technology. The experience of the pandemic shows us that it was the best possible decision they could have made.


Separate systems can cause communication and marketing problems, including limited data insights, fragmented customer experience, and inefficient workflow. Our mission was to unify all the communication channels for the company that were being used at the time, including phone systems, calendars and software, and to jointly design an e-marketing platform.

We were also tasked to improve Pearson’s web and social media presence, including advertising and social media groups, along with web based webinar events.

The Solution

In order for everything to be unified and run smoother for Pearson we knew we would first have to take control of all communication channels, including phone systems, calendars and reporting software, as well as unify Pearson’s communication visually.

We developed a knowledge base so that the language used to communicate about products is consistent. Pearson’s visual communication was successfully unified. A wide reaching internet traffic analysis was also performed.

We developed a strategy and chose a technological marketing platform that allowed us to centralize communication. We also developed a successful customer service experience and social media and web presence for Pearson. Popular webinars occurred frequently during the pandemic, and continue to this day.


Having unified the flow of information about customers and products between the systems that are part of the Pearson platform, we successfully provided the best solution to problematic issues in existing communication and marketing for the company.