The Brand

PKO (PKO bank polski) is the leading Polish banking and financial services company, based in Warsaw. It has been operating for over 100 years in Poland, and internationally, in countries like Argentina, France and Israel.


When the company put forth plans for the revitalization/rebuilding of one its much loved buildings in Warsaw, it foresaw major communications and PR issues. A popular 1960s PKO building known as the Rotunda was to be demolished, and there was a serious public outcry around new plans for the space.

What made the situation particularly sensitive was the fact the PKO Rotunda was the site of a tragic gas explosion in 1979, that claimed the lives of 49 people. Our mission was to help implement a new communications and brand identity strategy, using targeted PR and Social Media campaigns.

The Solution

The solution for the client was to help with a strategy that allowed for the plans for a new building to move ahead in a way that would be acceptable both for the residents of Warsaw, and for PKO. It was clear the best solution was to help the client with promoting and carrying out an architectural competition for the new building while all the while helping the company maintain a positive image.


We started with public consultation in order to help PKO with their potential public relations and image issues connected to the Rotunda building controversy. It was clear that there was indeed a significant amount of opposition in Warsaw for plans for the new PKO building.

Next we developed a unique and targeted communications strategy using a combination of a public relations campaign and social media in order to reassure the residents of Warsaw of PKO’s plan. At the same time we worked with the client with its strategy for the architectural competition for their new building.


We helped PKO navigate through a crisis situation connected to their plans for a new building where the Rotunda once stood. The client’s positive image was maintained through a difficult time. Moreover, we helped with the implementation of a successful architectural competition for the new PKO building. Today it stands in the place of the old Rotunda.